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List ID and Alternative Statement Notation

December 19, 2012 by jesandco

We have added two new properties to the ASN schema, List ID and Alternative Statement Notation.

List ID stores the list identifier transcribed exactly as found in the source competency framework--e.g., "A.", "b", "c)", "•". Previously, the List ID was contained in the Description. We found that storing the List ID with the Description was posing some interesting challenges for ASN app developers who wanted more control over the display of ASN data. We are working on implementing List ID across the ASN dataset, so stay tuned.

Alternative Statement Notation stores a common use notation or ID code identifying the statement. Alternative Statement Notation need not be an official identifier created by the promulgating agency but it must be an identifier in common use among end-users of the statement. For example, in the Common Core State Standards (Math), the official Statement Notation of "CCSS.Math.Content.1.NBT.C.4" is abbreviated in common use by end-users to the unofficial Alternative Statement Notation of "1.NBT.4". You will now find both the official and alternative notations included in the ASN representations of the Common Core.

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