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Introducing Semantic Tagging

February 22, 2013 by jesandco

The ASN is built on Linked Data principles i.e. using the Web to connect related data not previously linked. So naturally, we wanted to start connecting ASN learning outcomes to other datasets. We are starting off with the mother of all Linked Open Datasets, DBpedia Wikipedia's linked data counterpart. You will now start seeing semantic tags included in ASN data that tie specific learning outcomes to related people, places and things. For example, a learning outcome discussing a historical person, John F. Kennedy and an event, Cuban Missile Crisis, can now be enriched with additional data about those specific things from around the Semantic Web.

We've included a screenshot (below) of a particular learning outcome that has been semantically tagged with ASN Concept Terms and the result of clicking on a given term. Try it out yourself. We think this adds great value to ASN data and to the applications that consume it.

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