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ASN Data at Learning Registry Launch - SETDA 2011 Leadership Summit

November 9, 2011 by jesandco

ASN data was in the spotlight this week with the launch of the Learning Registry. The Learning Registry is a joint effort of the Department of Education and the Department of Defense, with support of the White House and numerous federal agencies, non-profit organizations, international organizations and private companies. The Learning Registry is creating a set of technical protocols as a platform for innovation by content authors and aggregators. Applications built to harness the power of harvesting and analyzing the Learning Registry data will allow educators to quickly find content specific to their unique needs.

ASN URI correlations were freely pushed out into the Learning Registry by both Agilix and NSDL to enhance resource discovery by standards. Steve Midgley (Deputy Director, Office of Educational Technology, U.S. Department of Education) highlighted some of these resources during his presentation through the use of a Google Chrome Extension.

For more information about this event including Steve Midgley's presentation see:

For more information about JES & Co.'s involvement with the Learning Registry see:

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